Special Educational Needs & Disability

Special Educational Needs and Disability

King’s Cross Academy is committed to meeting the needs of all pupils, including those with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Our expectation is that children and young people with SEND, as with all pupils, will receive an education at the Academy that enables them to:

  • achieve their very best
  • become confident individuals living fulfilling lives
  • make a successful transition into the next stage of their education

We will always do our utmost to ensure that a pupil with SEND gets the support they need. This means doing everything we can to meet the pupils’ educational needs.

For more information on our special education needs and disability offer please click here.

To read our SEND information report which details how we support SEND at the Academy and contains links to organisations that support parents of those children with SEND please click here 

If you would like to speak to our Deputy Headteacher and inclusion manager, Kay Baxter, please email us at admin@kingscrossacademy.org.uk

The Academy is a school where children can achieve their maximum potential

Emyr Fairburn Head Teacher