Maths at the Academy

Maths at the Academy

Method and process are equally as important as the answer.  At King’s Cross Academy we ensure that our pupils have a bank of strategies and the mental fluency to confidently solve mathematical problems in a range of contexts.  We encourage our pupils to explain their methods, talk to each other about how they solved a problem and find relationships and patterns in their processes and solutions.

Mathematical vocabulary is at the heart of each of our lessons; ensuring pupils understand and use the correct terminology in order to communicate confidently in a shared mathematical language.  Pupils also work in mixed-ability groups, giving every pupil the opportunity to challenge themselves and extend their own thinking through working with a range of their peers.

A strong relationship between conceptual understanding and procedural fluency are key for pupils to truly gain ‘mastery’.  In order to extend, we believe in deepening thinking within the area of study, rather than accelerating onto the next topic. To deepen knowledge and understanding, we ask questions such as: How did you get that answer?  Can you prove it to me? What strategy did you use?  Is there another way? Can you show me?

We believe that Mathematics is an essential tool for life.  We strive to develop great mathematicians, who use their fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills with confidence, throughout their school career and into their adult life.

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Emyr Fairburn Head Teacher