King’s Cross Academy
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King’s Cross
London N1C 4BT

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We encourage our pupils to develop a lifetime love of learning.

Emyr FairburnHead Teacher
Our vision & values

Our vision & values

We aim to prepare children for the modern world by making them highly successful life-long learners. Our learning vision to achieve this aim has four principal themes.

Teaching pupils how to learn

King’s Cross Academy teaches pupils how to learn – encouraging qualities such as persistence, resilience, resourcefulness and flexibility – so that they develop a lifetime love of learning. Our environment will help children learn how to question, think creatively and become active learners and communicators. This will progress their emotional intelligence as well as their learning skills.

A broad, balanced and creative curriculum

The Academy provides children with a complete education. The Academy takes a rigorous approach to the teaching of core skills in Mathematics and English, as part of a broad and balanced, project-based curriculum. Our curriculum promotes children’s cross-curricular skills in listening, speaking, thinking and questioning and develops their social and emotional skills. The school is a multilingual environment with all children learning British Sign Language (BSL) through our partnership with Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children.

Creating an environment that promotes learning

It matters where and how education takes place. We draw upon the exceptional facilities of this new school and its unique relationship with nearby world class businesses and organisations, to provide activities and opportunities that inspire, excite and transform the learning of children, their parents and other adults in the community. That might mean exploring technology with Google; journalism with the Guardian; learning about medicine at the Francis Crick Institute; or understanding nutrition at the Waitrose cookery school.

Developing children to be leaders

The King’s Cross Academy develops children’s leadership skills by building our pupils’ capacity to make reasoned decisions and choices. They have the courage and the passion to exhibit their own initiative, whilst having the integrity to work in productive partnership with others. Our curriculum supports and encourages each child’s own resourcefulness and organisational skills in every aspect of school life. By doing so, children gain confidence in their own talents and their ability to learn and improve.

We want children to be emotionally engaged in their learning; and our school to be a catalyst for positive change for all in the King’s Cross community.

We encourage our pupils to develop a lifetime love of learning.

Emyr FairburnHead Teacher